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New Honda Accord with Exclusive Exterior and Interior Design

New Honda Accord with Exclusive Exterior and Interior Design

New Honda Accord

What is you prior consideration when you have to pick personal vehicle? People would think about the outer appearance when they are given this kind of questions. In this case, Honda Accord 2017 can fulfill the criteria. As a brand new vehicle in 2017, this sedan can fulfill everyone’s dream. Having outstanding exterior design, this is the first point that may captivate driver as well as passenger. Covered in stylish color pattern, it gives positives impact to anyone who sees this Sedan for the first time. Take a look at the lower body, the 19” alloy wheel boost the exterior appearance. Besides that, the design of each entrance door is all about balance and style. The fascinating door sill trim boost the exterior design.

A good car does not just boast the outer appearance or its exterior design. The engine performance cannot be neglected. Talking about engine, it must have durability and great acceleration. This Accord brings new experience for all drivers. You can speed up in a desolate track with ease. The 278-hp1 V6 engine can run smoothly. This 3.5-litre engine is well-built. Moreover, it is combines with 4-cylinder engine. This is the best combination ever. With this kind of engine specification, there is no road that cannot be conquered. This 278-hp1 can gain speed momentum instantly. In addition, both driver and passenger can feel comfortable ride inside this modern vehicle.

Get inside and you will tons of fascinating technology. The interior design will never let you down. There are four seats with heater. You can drive comfortably without worrying about low temperature. The heated seat keeps you warm. Well, the front and rear seat fully covered with leather trim. This exclusive seat package is a created by the best worker in charge with high skill of craftsmanship. Feel the coziness once you step inside and for more info, just find the details here.